JF Zastrow

JF Zastow
folk-Punk Singer/Songwriter/gentleman

JF Zastrow is a Wisconsin grown folk-punk singer, songwriter, and gentleman. Armed with an overdriven acoustic guitar and kick drum to stomp on, JF mixes folk, punk, alt-rock and blues to create ferociously heartfelt songs - gritty, raw, and honest in all the right ways. His music is powerful and thought-provoking...when he hits that drum, you are bound to feel it. 

" Listen. It's time we talked. About JF Zastrow.
JF Zastrow is a rising folk-punk talent hailing from Wisconsin. As a singer-songwriter, he blends folk, punk, alternative rock, and blues influences into his own unique sound. Zastrow performs with just an acoustic guitar and a kick drum yet creates music that is anything but minimalist. 

 His songwriting stands out for its emotional honesty and gritty realism. Zastrow draws from his own experiences and observations to craft lyrics that are painfully relatable. He has a knack for capturing the little details of everyday struggles and heartbreaks. Yet even when singing about difficult subjects, his songs maintain a cathartic, empowering quality.
When Zastrow plays live, his infectious energy immediately ignites the room. Just when the momentum can't possibly build anymore, he starts stomping on that kick drum, generating an even more primal and visceral sound. It's the kind of performance that gets audiences pumped up and leaves them feeling inspired. 

 Zastrow is clearly an artist who pours his entire heart into his work. His music resonates because it comes from an authentic place and captures real human emotions. As he continues honing his craft, Zastrow has all the raw talent and determination needed to build a devoted following. His music deserves to be heard by wider audiences. For fans of modern folk or alternative rock seeking their next great discovery, JF Zastrow is an artist to seek out. "
-Eric Cobb
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